Words have been said, stories told ...

★★★★ – Los Angeles Daily News
“The Psychedelic Cowboys encompass the profound psychic dislocation that Merle, Woody and the Louvin Brothers, among others, felt as country boys in a change-stoned world.” Bob Strauss

Desert Post Weekly
“These guys have infused country & western, bluegrass, pop, ethereal psychedelic rock, flamenco and classical music to create one hell of a hootenanny with a twist of I-don’t-know-what.” Tracy Dietlin

Santa Monica Mirror
“The Psychedelic Cowboys are what Love would have sounded like if they opened in Bakersfield thirty-five years ago for The Flying Burrito Brothers.” Tom Peyser

The Washington Post
“‘Tragic Songs and Hop-a-Longs’ … is a musical anomaly — it creates and sustains a vibe that is at once new and familiar. … Somehow it’s hard to resist.”